Primary Care Transformation Support

The ISU offers a range of mapping supports that help clinical teams, Primary Care Networks, and communities work better together. Each method takes a person-centred approach using simulated cases (personas) to facilitate engagement and collaboration. We train healthcare leaders, coaches, and system partners from across BC to use these supports with the teams and communities where they work. What we hear from teams is that they are a practical, easy and flexible way to bring people together and result in stronger teams and creative solutions to gaps in community healthcare.

Team Mapping: For teams who work together, focussed on digging into individual roles, responsibilities, and gaps with respect to patient care.

Primary and Community Care (PACC) Mapping:
For communities, to bring together a wide range of stakeholders to explore a challenge or gap in care and generate solutions.

Support Services Mapping (in development): For those who are supporting primary care clinics in communities (e.g. across a Primary Care Network) including those who provide coaching, quality improvement, recruitment & retention services, Support Service Mapping uses simulated clinic personas to help groups collaboratively map out the wrap around support services available to maximize reach and impact while minimizing duplication.

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