About Us

The UBC Department of Family Practice established the Innovation Support Unit to connect, engage, and partner with those who are actively involved in innovation in primary care in BC. Our purpose is to help ensure occurring changes transition to sustainable improvements. We achieve this by collaborating with groups across the WHO partnership pentagon (e.g. communities, decision makers, and academics), identifying and learning needs and gaps we can uniquely support, and then building evidence-informed tools and services that help with the change improvements.

Diagram showing the groups ISU collaborates with in the health system.  This includes the Ministry of Health, the General Practices Service Committee, Health Professionals, Health Authorities, Divisions of Family Practice, Communities and Patients, the UBC Department of Family Practice, the Faculty of Medicine, and other faculties and universities.   The centre of the diagram shows the core of our work as being a health system based on people's needs at the centre.

The ISU started by focusing on community situated, team-based care (TBC) in British Columbia by working with groups at UBC and and local communities engaged in innovative TBC projects. With the help of our collaborators, we created Team Mapping, an interactive activity created to help primary care clinics transition to team-based care.

We continue to seek tangible innovations to address emerging needs in primary care and as a nimble organization, we look for new areas where our group can have the largest impact on primary care in BC. The ISU continues to develop methods, tools, materials, and processes to:

  • Mobilize and translate evidence for decision making
  • Train and Build Capacity
  • Be part of a Learning Healthcare System

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