Team Mapping

What is the ISU Team Mapping Method?

The Innovation and Support Unit (ISU) has developed the Team Mapping Method to help team-based care initiatives (e.g. Primary Care Networks and Patient Medical Homes) explore and describe how teams could be structured.

These highly interactive sessions can help groups describe how roles work together in team-based care projects. The session will also help build a sense of cohesion and consensus across a group, as participants explore team structure and the processes involved in the delivery of team-based care together.

How Team Mapping can benefit your practice

Team mapping can benefit providers who are already engaged in team-based care (TBC), or who are moving towards team-based care.

Teams that are in the process of forming often do not have the space to collaboratively reflect on how they will work together in seeing patients. Team Mapping provides a venue that encourages providers and stakeholders to consider the scope of a new team and how that team could work together to support patients. 

Working in teams can add complexity to role definition. Team Mapping lets groups explore roles and scope of practice in the context of clinical cases, encouraging discussion on how to ensure providers can work better together (e.g. working with the team so people are working to full scope of practice, and support cost savings while emphasizing patient-centred care). 

Coherence is the ability to communicate well and function collaboratively and is built on relationships among team members. Finding the time to build relationships in the context of a busy practice can be difficult. Team Mapping can build a sense of cohesion and consensus across your group, as participants come together to explore and discuss options in the context of team-based care. By having multiple roles at the table (e.g. provider roles, patient, other stakeholders), we can help develop an increase in common ground around current and expected challenges as the TBC project is implemented. 


Our new Facilitator Toolkit is complete with links to all the materials you need for Team Mapping, including a fully searchable persona library.

Our new Miro Template for team mapping includes map templates and the intro slide deck facilitators can use to orient participants to sessions.

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