Team-Based Care (TBC) Advisory

The ISU works alongside a number of organizations as part of the Team-Based Care (TBC) Advisory Group, which is an initiative of the Ministry of Health and includes partners from across BC’s health care system. The purpose of the Team-Based Care Advisory Group is to provide province-wide support for the implementation of high quality team-based care.

We have been involved in supporting and facilitating the scoping, defining, and prioritization of the TBC Advisory Group work, developing a clear and effective governance structure, and undertaking a number of specific projects to support implementation of team-based care.

We host the TeamUP! Podcast, support the monthly TeamUp! Webinar, and contribute to the planning and development of the Team-Based Care BC website.

Learning Cycles

The ISU has completed three Learning Cycles in support of TBC Advisory objectives.

    1. TBC Supports Inventory Scan (Summer 2019): Focussed on an environmental scan of resources to support the implementation of TBC in BC. Results from this scan formed the foundation of the new website.
    2. Learning Health Systems (Summer 2019 and Winter 2021): To develop a conceptual design for a first version of a Primary Care Learning Needs Learning System that helps identify learning needs of providers in primary care in BC, including proposing options for provincial **collection, review, and fulfilling identified learning needs.
    3. Getting Started Toolkit (Winter 2021): A focussed learning cycle which scoped what was needed in a TBC Getting Started Toolkit and drafted a work-plan for launching a first version of the toolkit.